Understanding Different Types of Headaches

It may be surprising news that there are several different types of migraines. By understanding the different types of migraines, you can better discuss the condition with your doctor and receive the proper treatment. Some migraines fall into different categories. If you are looking for treatment for migraine headache High Point NC. There is a big difference between a regular headache and a migraine. Here are the most common types of migraines, and a little bit of information about each type.

Abdominal Migraines

This type of a migraine is typically not found in adults. The primary sufferers of this migraine diagnosis are children. The symptoms do not always include head pain. Many of the patients suffer from pain in the abdomen, extreme nausea, and even vomiting. These symptoms typically fade during adolescence, but then turn into migraine headaches in adulthood.

Migraines that Manifest with Aura

The concept of a migraine that manifests with aura means that the migraine manifests with other symptoms. These symptoms can include the following:

  • Speech changes
  • Sensory changes
  • Vision changes

Typically, these changes manifest before a migraine begins, alerting the soon-to-be migraine sufferer to the upcoming medical event.

Chronic Migraines

Chronic migraines plague at least 144 million people each year. To be considered chronic, a migraine sufferer must experience migraine-related symptoms for at least 15 days per month. The pattern must continue for at least three months consecutively.

Hemiplegic Migraine

Hemiplegic migraines present in to primary forms. The two primary forms of hemiplegic migraines are:

  • Familial hemiplegic migraines
  • Sporadic hemiplegic migraines

These migraines can be extremely frightening for the sufferer. They can cause extremely high fever, an aura as described above, and even complete single sided paralysis. This type of a migraine is very rare but occurs enough to be noted.

Headache Types Confused as Migraines

There are different types of headaches that can be confused as migraines. These headaches types are rare. However, they occur frequently enough to be discussed alongside migraines. One type of a headache confused as a migraine is cluster headaches. They are painful and usually develop in clusters. Another type of headache that can interfere in the life of patients is an ice-pick headache. They are extremely painful and feel like a stabbing pain that reaches the point of being unbearable. These headaches last a short period of time but may be temporarily debilitating.

There are many types of migraines, and headaches, that are considered intractable. An intractable headache, or migraines, does not respond to treatment and must be managed using preventative measures and self-care. The primary treatment is finding migraine and headache triggers. After triggers have been found, they can be avoided, or limited. If you are looking for help for migraine headaches and your primary care physician has not been able to provide relief, you may be able to achieve relief by seeing a neurologist.