Having Your Eyes Examined By A Doctor

If you have ever needed to wear prescription eyeglasses, it is important that you know how often you will need to go to the doctor for a new exam and possible change of prescription. If you work at a job that requires that you use a computer for most of the day, you may find that your prescription will change each year when you visit the doctor. Stress can also change the way you are able to see and you might need to have your lenses adjusted.

What Happens During An Exam?

Most people have been to an eye doctor at least once in their lifetime and know the basics of how an exam is conducted. The doctor will place a device in the front of your face and go through a series of pictures and letters that are projected onto a wall. Each lens that he changes for your vision tells him what your prescription should be. This part of the exam is not as long as you may think it is, probably only about thirty minutes to conclude. Prior to giving you this exam, a technician may check your color perception using another vision device. You will be asked to press a button each time you see a colored dot in front of you. This lets them know whether you have color blindness or not. Another test that is run is an air test that blows into your eyes. The results of this test will show them how your pupils react in a controlled condition. All of the exam results are put together by the doctor in order for him or her to give you the right lens prescription.

After The Exam You Will Need To Choose A Frame

Once the doctor has given you the prescription, you will then proceed to an outside office where there will be many different style frames for you to choose from. The opticians who work in this department can help you to make a good selection. It will need to fit properly on your face as well as look good on you. They come in a very wide range of styles and it can be a bit overwhelming to make a choice. Asking a friend or family member to go with you will help you to make a good decision on the right frame. To make an appointment to see a doctor and have new glasses made for you, you should look up medical eye exam Geneva Il. to find an office near you. There may be a long list to choose from and you can select any one that is most convenient.

Having a yearly eye exam will also help reduce the chances of you contracting certain eye diseases. It can also tell your doctor whether or not you are beginning to have degenerative eye disease. If this is caught in the early stages, it can possibly prolong the amount of time this disease causes you any problems. Make an appointment to have your eyes examined as soon as possible.